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Tenerife Timber and Container Homes

Trying to source land in Tenerife on which to place a container home or wooden home is not easy to say the least. The legislation surrounding it is complicated and to make it worse, it varies from region to region.

There are many categories of land, each allowing different development possibilities. On some land it is possible to construct a fully residential property, on others you can place a log cabin or container home specifically for tourism and sometimes you can only build a 15 square meter store.

When you find a plot that you like it is important to establish what the planning possibilities are. This can be done by checking through the categories on the deeds, however it is essential that you also speak with the local Town Hall and confirm everything in detail.

It is possible to buy plots of land like this where you have permission to carry out a touristic project. This plot is around 35000 Square Meters and can accommodate many timber holiday units for example.

It is also possible to purchase smaller plots but in excess of 1000 Square Meters where you can locate a mobile home for touristic use.

For advise on land or touristic developments, please contact us through our website

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